About us

At Carol J Donaldson Associates our track record as environmental consultantsĀ speaks for itself. With 17 years experience of working in the countryside management sector our clients choose us for our ability to communicate ideas clearly to landowners, contractors, the environment sector and general public.

We have an excellent track records of forging partnerships and seeing projects through from conception to funding application to action on the ground. We can get people to say yes to your project when others will only receive a no.

Our specialist skills including managing river restoration projects, water vole survey and mitigation work, habitat surveys and management advice, organising practical volunteers days, community consultations and people engagement projects, fusing nature with art.

We can manage both your conservation and people engagement objectives, saving you time and money.

Read our testimonials if you want to know more about why our clients choose us.

2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Nature girl you certainly seem to be busy. Hope you are enjoying your new life.. Best wishes

    1. Hi Marshall,
      I miss the group massively but am still going out volunteering with them so at least I get my fill of smoky bonfires. Hope you are Ok. My spies do update me on your perambulations round Canterbury on occasion.
      all the best

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